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There are some of best online dentist games here. Some of them are just for fun, some dentist games will tell you a lot about what things are bad for you teeth. But the most important thing is to enjoy your stay and think a little more about your teeth.

Brilliant Brushes

You have 2 minutes to clean your teeth. Take control of Sonic Simon and the Sonicare for Kids toothbrush and battle your way through the remains of breakfast, lunch and supper.


In this game you have to shoot toothpaste to kill bacteria.



You are the dentist. Grab your drill and drill off those rotten teeth!

Virtual Dentist

As a dentist you are to save the patients teeth. This one’s go bad pretty fast though. Fix the teeth and don’t hurt your patient too much.

How to Play? The bad teeth turn dark and you can save them by clicking on them with the pointy metal tool, When the agony bar fills, click on the nurse button and select the syringe from the tray. Don’t forget your hot nurse makes the patient drool.

Mouth Power

You have the chance to explore the special tooth lab and learn what things are good for your teeth and what things are not. Each time you complete an assignment, you collect a bright, white tooth. If you collect enough, you will win a certificate of achievement!

Mouth Power

Dental Damage

This is an all out action game with tooth germs attacking from every direction. You will need to be fearless as you fight back, zapping those germs as quickly as they appear. When thing get tough it is time for root canal treatment. It the worst comes to the worst, there is nothing for it but some tooth extraction.

Breaking Teeth

This is a fun game that is a little like table tennis or pinball. Once you try it you will see what is happening. That old guy won’t be keeping his teeth for too long! Some people would say that this game is a little cruel!

Breaking Teeth

Plaque Monsters

Doctor Rabbit is shooting some ugly looking green monsters that are attacking innocent teeth!
Shooting the bad guys with the toothpaste is the only way to keep a bright, white-toothed smile.To move Dr. Rabbit, use the left and right arrows on your keyboard. To squirt toothpaste at the plaque monsters, use the spacebar.

Escape the Dentist

Do you really want to escape the dentist? Wouldn’t you rather have shiny perfect teeth that everyone likes
If you are having a tough time at the dentist and really need to escape, this might be the game for you.
You have to point and click with the mouse to collect all the things you need to make your escape. If you fail- it’s the chair!