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Will DentalPlans.com Really Help You Save Your Money?

What is DentalPlans.com?

DentalPlans.com is a company dedicated to finding you the best dental rates possible. They are not a dental insurance plan exactly, but more like a membership. People can most easily compare these to the large grocery chains of Sam’s Club and Costco.


Here’s how DentalPlans.com works: You can choose the plan based on the type of services you most need. In good dental health? Choose a basic maintenance plan. Need orthodontics? Choose that plan. Most people choose either a basic individual dental insurance plan or family plans. Plans are based on an insurance company, so you have to make sure the dentist you want to see takes that particular insurance.

They have dental plans from Careington, Delta Dental, Humana, Atena, and nearly 50 more providers. If you are looking for dental plans in the tough states of Florida, California, or Texas, you’ll be pleased to know you have choices of providers (unlike on the health care exchanges that only have 1 provider).

But, this is not insurance and it doesn’t pay the dentist for you. You pay for a yearly membership (paid on a monthly or yearly basis). Then you take your plan to a participating dentist. You can use the dental discount plan in as little as three days, which is almost like have a no waiting period. The dentist then provides you with expert service at a greatly reduced cost.

The plans do work through an insurance company, but you are not locked into that insurance company. With DentalPlans, you have no waiting period, no pre-existing exclusions, no limits on use, and pre-approvals. You can switch plans at any time to meet the needs of your care.

When we looked at some of the best dental plans found on the site, we found huge savings. For example, braces are a huge expense. A yearly plan will cost a family around $150 US for the discount plan and can save you about $2000 US.

Have good teeth and just want prevention: A yearly plan is about $120 US and in some plans you get the 6-month cleaning for free (other plans cost less, but charge $15 to $20 US per cleaning).

Is Dentalplans.com Legit? Is Dentalplans.com Safe?

is dentalplans.com safe

DentalPlans works with both insurance companies and dentists individually. They work to remain in good standing.

You may ask why a dentist would join this group if they lose money? Well, they aren’t. In fact, most make money taking discounted fees.

The reason for this is the insurance nightmare. On average, it costs a dentist $75 to $150 US to file for a payment. A procedure that may only cost $50 US may get filed with the insurance company for $200. Then, they may only get paid $150 weeks later.

Between paying someone to handle all of this, the late payments, worry about not having money, and how to deal with the tax nightmare at the end of the year, more and more dentists, chiropractors, and medical doctors are refusing to take insurance at all, relying on cash.

But, that puts many people in a bind. How can we pay for expensive medical and dental procedures? Even at the reduced cost?

That’s where DentalPlans.com comes in. They negotiate with the dentists to find out their real costs, minus the insurance headaches. The dentists provide reduced cost dental procedures, get paid cash, and everyone wins. That how good DentalPlans.com really is.

Dentalplans.com Reviews

dentalplans.com reviews

At 17 years in business, this company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This is the top rating a company can receive. Most of the complaints seem to revolve around not understanding the plan network - choosing a basic plan does not cover everything. Other complaints revolve around banking errors.

Many reviews show people save substantial amounts of money on their dental work. Rachel of Yerington, NV posted with Consumer Affairs that she saved around $5,000 US on work. While she was happy, she did not choose a plan to cover all her needs. Based on her review, the company reached out to her and helped upgrade her plan to include everything she wanted.

We recommend that you review and choose your plan with great care. Plan your needs. If you need orthodontics, choose a plan that covers these procedures. The higher level of your plan, the more you need to pay, and the bigger discounts you get. But, don’t worry about getting it right the first time. They let you upgrade and downgrade your plan based on your needs and it is active within just a few days.

What DentalPlans.com Covers

Anyone can use these plans. DentalPlans.com has plans for implants, braces, orthodontics, and basic maintenance. Plus, everything in between. It also has telemedicine, eye care, hearing, and prescriptions. For senior citizens looking for the best dental plans, this fills in all the gaps Medicare has.

This is not a supplemental dental plan for regular orthodontics or Medicare insurance. You cannot use both the plan and your insurance at the same time. But, you can work with your dentist to balance out both the plan and your insurance (this avoids double standards, a huge problem and potentially illegal). Plus, DentalPlans.com coverage works when your insurance limit has been reached.

If you need a dental plan for your kids, and your insurance doesn’t cover them, it is a huge saving. They have a children’s dental plan that covers braces and orthodontics.

Dental Plans will also cover Invisalign and adult orthodontics. Many dental insurances will not cover adult braces for any reason. This is where DentalPlans.com fills in. An adult can save nearly $2500 US on braces with the discount dental plans for orthodontics.

Low-income families have problems finding good dental plans at all. Often, the monthly prices are so high, it is unaffordable. With DentalPlans.com, the yearly fee for just preventative maintenance is cost effective and you can get cleanings for free or at very low cost. In many of our comments around this website, we refer to finding low-cost clinics and working with your dentist. Using DentalPlans.com will help provide another option for you to use.

What we have not found is a plan specifically for veteran’s dental insurance. We’re not sure why this is.

How to Get DentalPlans.com

It’s almost too easy to sign up for DentalPlans.com. In just a few minutes, we were able to find a good plan, local dentists, and be at the checkout. From there, we could have printed our cards and been to the dentist in 3 days.

Be sure to read all the forms and be confident in your choice of plan. You can upgrade your plan to include any level of service, but changing your plan too often will cause issues.

DentalPlans.com Promo Code

There is no specific discount on the plans. They are already at a huge discount. You can find on the website several coupon codes on specific insurance providers. 



How to Cancel DentalPlans.com

Cancellation of services is easy. Simply call in or adjust your membership on your private homepage.

Based on some reviews, you may be charged if you cancel after a payment is authorized. Usually, the company resolves this issue quickly.

In a few cases, you may be liable for payments after you use the service in order to fulfill the contract. This is not a service you can partially pay for, use, then cancel. You must fulfill your agreed upon payments.


Yes, DentalPlans.com will save you money, and probably time. If you don’t have insurance or there are gaps in your insurance (orthodontics or gaps on coverage), you will save money.

Two things to keep in mind: You still have to pay something for your work and you must choose a plan that will cover what you need.

If you keep that in mind, you’ll save quite a bit of dental work.

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