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5 of the Best Companies for Orthodontic Insurance

Going to an orthodontist for orthodontic care is very necessary if you want to fix your crooked teeth or bad bite. Aside from making your teeth look a lot better especially when you smile, orthodontic care can also help promote oral health and wellness.

Orthodontic care is mainly focused on fixing teeth misalignment due to disproportion of the jaw and irregularities of the teeth. It is a part of dentistry that does not only provide proper teeth appearance but overall good looks as well.

In order to promote teeth alignment, braces and retainers are applied by qualified dental professionals.

Best Companies for Orthodontic Insurance

These braces and retainers are made using special materials to prevent them from causing damages to the teeth. The materials used, however, are usually expensive.

The orthodontist also performs regular oral checkup to continuously monitor the condition of the teeth. Regular changing of braces rubber is also done, adding to the patient’s expenses. Knowing all these, having an orthodontic care is indeed costly. However, since the appearance of your teeth is extremely important, orthodontic services are deemed vital. You would worry less about spending on your orthodontic care if you have an orthodontic insurance.

A dental orthodontic insurance company is a company providing financial support to individuals needing orthodontic care. When choosing an orthodontic insurance, you should make sure that it is legit and beneficial. 5 of the best companies for good and reasonably priced orthodontic insurance include the following:

1. Humana One Dental Insurance
Humana One offers dental insurances for orthodontic care. Basic and preventive treatments are covered with the insurance to decrease your expenses. You can choose from several dental plans of the company to fit most of your needs. These include Dental Preventive Plus, Dental Prepaid C550 and HI215 Plans, Dental Discount, Loyalty Plus Plan and Simple Choice Plan. The different plans have different advantages. You can ask for more information regarding these plans when you visit their office or you can contact them online.

Orthodontic insurance

2. MetLife FEDVIP Dental

With MetLife, you will have the choice of either an in-network program or an out-of-network program. The main advantage of an in-network program is MetLife will be negotiating with their participating dentists to decrease expenses for up to 45%. You can choose from different plan covers but for orthodontic care, you will have to choose Class D. Class D plan will provide 50% for in and out-of-network orthodontic care.

3. Dental Network

Dental Network provides an affordable dental program in all 50 states. It does not only include ordinary dental preventive procedures such as teeth cleaning and filling but it also covers orthodontic treatments. When enrolled to the program, you can enjoy up to 70% discount on the services of your orthodontist as long as he or she is included in the list of participating dentists. If your dentist is not included, the company can contact him so he can be included as a provider. For more information regarding Dental Network, you can contact them online or visit any of their local centers.

4. Kaiser Permanente
Kaiser Permanente offers three different categories for dental plans. These include comprehensive, basic and standard dental plan. Upon a visit to their office, these plans will be discussed to you in detail to identify the plan that will best fit your needs. Orthodontic care insurance can be added to any of the three plans. The company also offers a special program called the “Advantage Plus” which is for senior advantage members. They will be enjoying additional benefits including the annual dental benefit of $1000.

5. Delta Dental

You can also choose Delta Dental as a dental insurance. Delta Dental offers dental plans in 3 main categories. In each category, the coverage is discussed including the amount to be discounted. Each category has certain limitations. It is also very important for you to choose a dentist within the company’s network for maximum care and maximum insurance benefits. For orthodontic care and services, remember to read the contract to know if it is included in the plan you have selected. The company provides a certain amount depending on the plan that you will be getting.


Not all dental insurance companies offer orthodontic care advantages. In choosing a dental insurance company, make sure that it is legitimate and that it offers the best available benefits. Do not avail of cheap orthodontic insurances because there’s a big chance that they only offer very minimal coverage and benefits. In the end, you may wind up paying all of your orthodontic expenses.

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  • Maria

    Just talked with Delta Dental of Illinois…they do not provide orthodontic insurance on any of their individual plans.

    • Hello, Maria!
      Thank you for your update! Companies often change their plans and coverages. I will chack all the companies on the list and update if needed. There are some additional dental insurance companies you can check like Humana, Aetna Dental and Dental Plans. The last company you can access via link at the end of the article (or simply search it). There a lot of dental insurance plans but not all of them cover orthodontic insurance. Thank you.

  • Samantha

    Just talked with Humana …they also do not provide orthodontic insurance on any of their individual plans.

    • Susan

      Hi Samantha! Thanks for the info!

      The various insurance agencies are changing on a daily basis, trying to keep up with all the governmental regulations. What insurances they offer and rejected will be changing on a regular basis.

      The coverage also changes by plan type.

      We recommend you check with any and all insurance carriers to see if they will cover your most common ailments. Get the information in writing, so you have record. And remember, they can and will change coverage at any time.

  • lisa

    looking for coverage for invisulin and implants

    • Susan

      Hey Lisa! Let’s see if we can help.

      Insurances vary state by state and country by country. Sometimes, coverage can vary just by the part of a city you’re in or even which doctor you will see. Each area has its own set of rules and regulations for insurances.

      While we would love to provide specifics for the various insurance companies, the regulations vary too much to be able to do so. It’s up to you to figure out which insurance company will work where you are, as much as we would like to help.

      An insurance broker could help you by searching out the various companies for you, because they know the local area.

  • Sonny David

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  • Thanks to my father who stated to me concerning this webpage, this weblog is truly amazing.

    • Thank you too, DENTIST CARROLLTON TX for visiting our website. You’re welcome!

  • scott


    I am looking for the best dental insurance plan for my 8 year old daughter who is going to need orthodontic work in 2017. Preferably one that has no waiting period since we are looking at early February. I live in Michigan city, In.



    • Susan

      Hey Scott!

      We are actually working on that article currently.

      One of the issues was the new regulations that will be coming through in January of 2017.

      Until we know what those regulations are and the effect on the insurance plans, we have held off on publishing the article.

      Keep checking back and we should have something soon.

  • jodi childs

    I am too trying to find orthodontic insurance for my 7 year old daughter. I am thinking I might just need to purchase the Gold Plan from Comfort Dental. We have regular Delta dental insurance but they do not cover orthodontics. I think it’s sad that orthodontics is considered a cosmetic procedure as my daughters mouth is a little misaligned (not noticable) and if she doesn’t get it fixed noq down the roads she will more-likely suffer from TMJ, migraines etc…

    Thank you,

    • Susan

      Hey Jodi!

      This is a hard problem made harder by the various health plans across different states and countries.

      Many health insurance companies offer a dental plan.

      We recommend calling up as many as possible.

      We also remember talking to your daughter’s dentist and seeing which plans they would recommend.

      They may give you information including phone numbers and representatives who can help you with the plan you need and the costs.

  • mona

    I am looking for a dental insurance plan to cover braces for my son-12 years old. We live in NH.

    • Hello, Mona!

      Based on my research, Aetna healthcare company has a few plans with 34% off from a standard price on full orthodontic child treatment. These are:

      1. Vital Savings by Aetna® Dental and Prescription Discount Program – 149.95$/year for an individual plan, 199.95$/year for a family plan.
      2. Aetna Dental Access Plan – 119.95$/year for an individual plan, 169.95$/year for a family plan.
      3. Vital Savings By Aetna® Dental Discount Program – 139.95$/year for an individual plan, 179.95$/year for a family plan.

      Also, Dental Plans company has :DP CompleteCare plan with 34% off from a standard price on full orthodontic child treatment. The cost is 179.95$/year for an individual plan, 209.95$/year for a family plan.

      These are the cheapest plans for braces.

      For your reference, DentalSave company has DentalSave Discount Dental Plan with 25% off from a standard price on full orthodontic child treatment. The cost is 114.95$/year for an individual plan, 169.95$/year for a family plan. DenteMax Discount Dental Plan gives you 24% off with 114.95$/year for an individual plan, 169.95$/year for a family plan. UNI-CARE 100 Discount Dental Plan gives you 15$ off, but with the cost of 79.95$/year for an individual plan, 129.95$/year for a family plan.

      You can call to these companies above and get the exact quote for a final decision.

      Thank you!

  • Michelle

    I’m looking for a orthodontist for an adult in Anderson sc

  • Barbara


    I am looking for the best orthodontic insurance for my 9 year old daughter in North Carolina. Can you assist? Thanks!

    • Hello, Barbara!

      I’m happy to assist you! According to my research, Aetna and DenteMax insurance companies have the best cost effective coverage for orthodontics in North Carolina.

      Aetna has a few plans which cover full orthodontic child and adult treatments with the best discount. Vital Savings By Aetna® Dental Discount program costs 139.95$/year for an individual plan and 179.95$/year for a family plan. Aetna Dental Access® program costs 119.95$/year for an individual plan and 169.95$/year for a family plan. Both programs offer the same discount for orthodontic treatments. You can call the Aetna and ask the difference between them.

      DenteMax Discount Dental Plan by DenteMax offers the next best discount for orthodontic treatments in North Carolina after Aetna. Individual plans cost 114.95$/year and the family plans cost 169.95$/year.

      Hope it helps.

      Thank you!

  • Lackofcoverage

    Aetna health company only offers individual plans in these states:


  • Julie

    I am looking for orthodontic insurance in Alliance, Ohio for a 16 year old.

    • Susan

      Hey Julie,

      Fortunately, there are several plans available in Ohio.

      A couple of the top picks include DentalPlans.com and Humana.

      We recommend contacting each of the companies that do business in your state and obtaining quotes for the services you need. Your orthodontist and dentist will have some good recommendations as well.

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