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Avia Dental – Learn Whether Joining a Network is Right For You

avia dental

According to Oral Health America, there is huge cost savings in preventative dental treatment. You can save 10 times the cost of dental disease just by having routine, preventative maintenance. Dental savings networks can save you significant money on both preventative and dental disease treatments.

Over 100 million people do not have access to dental insurance. Using a dental network is the only option to help some people save money and their teeth. If you are one of these people, read on to learn about one of the best ways to save money and get quality dental care.

What is Dental Network?

dental network

A dental network is a group of dentists that have gotten together, or that a company has gotten together, for a specific reason. That reason could be anything from saving money, to sharing equipment (like X-ray machines), to taking insurances.

Often times, dental networks exist to help people, both the dentists and patients.

In this case, a dental network means that Avia Dental has gotten together thousands of dentists to help patients save money on dental procedures. Some of these discounts can be 50% or more off some standard procedures. Many of the reviews for Avia Dental show the company has saved people tremendous amounts of money, time, and dental problems by helping them afford proper dental procedures.

Dental networks are not insurance plans. They do not have a set fee for procedures for you to pay (deductible) and they cover the rest. Dental networks arrange with the dentist to reduce certain fees and then you pay for the procedure. The procedures are discounted, and some dentists will help you with payment plans.

Most of the dental network plans have no limits to how often you use them or how much you need to spend. You pay the same membership fee whether you use your plan for the twice a year cleanings or major dental work.

Most of the plans also have no health restrictions, procedure restrictions, or tedious insurance paperwork. Most of them also cover cosmetic dental procedures, which most insurances do not. Prices will vary among the dentists, especially for more elective procedures.

Despite the fact that you still have to pay for the work, this plan can offer people who have no access to insurance a huge savings. The companies are able to negotiate the best rates. If you need work done, then this is a good option.

What is a Dental Saving Plan?

dental saving plan

Some companies call their dental networks dental savings plans. Other companies actually use savings accounts. You need to talk to your plan adviser to know the difference.

The companies that have savings accounts set part of your monthly payments in a savings account. When you use your dental plan, the money set aside is used first, then you are billed for the rest.

Most of the companies that use savings plans are also dental networks. Avia Dental does not have a savings account, although they can help you set one up and budget accordingly.

Avia Dental

Avia Dental is one of the better companies and it has some of the best reviews online. It offers hundreds of various dentists across 21 US states.

Avia has negotiated with the dentists and keeps their plans and documents frill-free. This isn’t a company that’s going to look good without actually being good. Their information is transparent and simple.

While we could summarize what Avia is and does, it would be the same information that is on the website. It’s practically all there on the Avia Dental official website * in simple, easy to read terms. We recommend you go there and see the rates and plans yourself.

avia dental benefits

Avia Dental also offers vision and prescription drug coverage plans at no additional fee. This is included in your plan as a bonus.

How Do You Use Avia Dental

Avia Dental has a relatively simple application process. You can see the various payments and reduced rates right as you start the application process. They are transparent with their information. You can also see if your dentist is already a member, or you can select a link to see if Avia will help you get your dentist on the list.

The dental plans prices are also very transparent. You can choose your plan. You have the options of individual, family, groups, senior, and +1s (spouses, significant others, etc). There are additional savings when you pay a yearly rate, versus the monthly rate.

Once you finish the application process, which only takes a few minutes, you received your information. While the website and product information state you can use your benefits immediately, we recommend confirming everything went through correctly so you aren’t surprised at the dentist’s office.

Once you go to the dentist, you simply present your discount card like you would an insurance card. They then give you the discounted rates and you pay for the services.

Will Joining Avia Dental Save Me Money?

Yes, Avia Dental can save you money. It will depend on how you use it.

avia dental discounts

Basic preventative dental treatments are discounted, but not as heavily as some other procedures. You will save money here and you really could save money later just by getting the routine service. It may be debatable if you save money with dental plans if you only have cleanings done.

The more complicated procedures are varying in how much you can save. If you need x-rays, fillings, or adjustments, you will start to see small savings. If you need serious dental work, then you will really start to see big savings.

Knowing that the more you use it, the more you can save, we still recommend having some sort of plan to help you pay for your dental services. You may not need a filling this visit, but you may need it the next. Having the plan, and keeping it active will help you in the long-run to save money and be healthy.

Dental Plans Comparison

DentalPlans.com * compares various different dental savings plans. By far, Avia is among the best choices. There are over 40 different choices, along with over 30 different insurance plans. Many of the insurance plans offer discount plans as well.

One of the things you will see is Avia is not the cheapest plan, nor is it the most expensive. Some plans also offer chiropractic and hearing coverage as well, but they also cost more.

Many of the plans offer only dental coverage, so it’s a bonus that Avia offers these.

Some of the companies have reviews directly on the website. By far, Avia has some of the best reviews.

You will need to choose wisely. If your needs have more chiropractic and hearing, then Avia is not the best choice for you. If you don’t need any vision or drug coverage, then Avia is not the most cost effective for you.

However, we believe that routine eye care and prescription drug coverage are important to have. Your eyes are just as important as your teeth and need routine care. And with the cost of prescription drugs these days, having a backup plan is a smart move.

We find Avia to be one of the better choices when it comes to discount dental plans.

How To Make Dental Costs More Affordable?

There are a few ways you can make dental costs more affordable, even without your plan.

prevent dental problems infographic

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First, brush and floss daily. Home maintenance is the number 1 way to prevent problems. By keeping your teeth clean at home, you have less for the dentist to do.

Avoid sugary foods, sodas, and processed foods. These foods contain sugars and chemicals known to ruin teeth. The less you eat, the better your teeth. Stick to fruits, vegetables, and quality meats.

Stick to your routine preventative maintenance. You will save money in the long run by keeping your teeth clean and catching any problems early. The bigger the problem, the higher the cost for fixing it.

Talk to your dentist. Let them know you don’t have insurance and what your options are in the future. If you work with your dentist now, they will know you are serious about your health. They will be able to work with you later on if a problem does arise.

Visit a dental school. Many schools have clinics that offer low-cost services to help train up-coming dentists. They are overseen by well-experienced dentist/teachers, so you are safe. Many of the treatments they offer are the same as a regular dentist’s office. Some schools offer deep discounts for specific issues. Check ahead to make sure you are able to get all your work done there if needed.

Stick to one dentist. Visiting several dentists to get the ‘free first cleaning’ might save money now, but if you have a developing problem, a regular dentist will catch it earlier. By catching it earlier, your costs are lower.

If you have problems, like diabetes or heart disease, it’s more important than ever to see a regular dentist. Your mouth is more at risk with these diseases and a dentist can also see what is happening in the rest of your body by the condition of your teeth.

Avia Dental Reviews

Avia Dental has a stellar rating with the Better Business Bureau and they register only 1 complaint in 11 years, which they handled promptly. Other customer reviews show this company saves people money and is trustworthy.

My wife signed us up for the Avia Dental Plan and man was it the best saving we have ever had! Thanks. . . I just signed up my mother today. I will tell our office and staff today about your program as well as the dentist I used. They were outstanding as well as you all! Thanks for such a great value. Thanks again

Most of the customer reviews show that customers lost their previous insurances and needed help with their bills. Avia filled the gap and helped these people reduce their procedure costs.

I joined the Avia Dental Plan after my wife retired and we were without dental coverage. I could not believe the price for the plan and the savings I received. It was so easy to join and find a dentist close to our home. I have had several appointments and the care I have received is great. The cost of the treatments is just as quoted in my plan.

This is by far better than the plan I was on before. The cost is dramatically less. I would recommend this plan to anyone. You can’t afford not to have dental care at these prices.” ~ Daniel P.

Daniel P.

Many customer reviews showed people with immediate dental crises. They needed a dentist and they needed one fast. Avia dental was accepted where they needed and it helped them get over the hurdle of a sudden, large dental bill. Many people were able to use a dentist on vacation using Avia.


sign up for avia dental

If you need to save money on dental procedures, Avia Dental can help. It offers a low cost plan that offers deep discounts on many dental procedures. You will still need to pay out-of-pocket for those procedures. Avia is not dental insurance, just a plan to help you get discounts.

There are many different plans to choose from. The benefits are best when you need more than just your routine cleaning. Usually for any procedure beyond that, you are saving hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Avia also has the benefit of offering vision and prescription drug coverage at discounted prices at no additional charge.

This company is one of the better companies. It is very transparent and easy to use. There are hundreds of doctors to choose from and most services are discounted.

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