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Damon Braces or Traditional Metal Orthodontic Braces?

With advancement in orthodontic technology, teeth straightening methods are faster today. The latest Damon braces system is a standing example of the great improvement in the field of orthodontics

What are Damon Braces?

Braces are dental devices that are used to correct misaligned teeth, treat crowding, gaps, and other flaws. Traditionally, metal arches, brackets, and elastics were placed on the teeth to provide the necessary pressure.

what are damon braces

Damon braces take a completely different approach. Self-litigating Damon braces replace the elastics that are used to provide tension with a slide mechanism that has the capability to move teeth faster and with less discomfort. 

Being a self-ligating system means that Damon braces do not use external dental appliances to keep the brackets on the archwires. The wire is not locked to the brackets, but can actually slide through them due to the special design of the brackets.  Thanks to the sliding mechanism of this braces system, much less pressure is applied to the teeth.

How do Damon Braces Work?

Damon braces use gentle pressure and biologically sensitive forces of the body to move the teeth into a correct position. The archwires used in Damon systems are designed to eventually return to their original balanced form allowing the dental arches of the patient to develop the right way. 

Damon Braces vs. Traditional Braces

Although some may not notice the visual difference between traditional metal braces and Damon braces right away,  those are completely different teeth straightening systems.

Damon vraces vs traditional braces

Benefits of Damon Braces

damon braces pros cons
  • Shorter Treatment time

Teeth movement is quickened using memory wires that are self-ligating. As compared to conventional treatment methods, this type of braces offers treatment plans that are at least four to six months quicker.

  • Damon braces offer both metal and clear brackets

For those who chose to go with the clear brackets, Damon braces, will be much less noticeable  than traditional metal braces. The combination of stainless steel and clear material used in Damon clear braces offers a more discrete and aesthetic appearance.

  • Damon braces are better for Oral hygiene

Traditional braces tend to collect plaque due to difficulty in cleaning. Damon braces, on the other hand, make cleaning easier and assure you of better oral hygiene.

  • Damon braces cause less discomfort

Wires used in this treatment method do not irritate the soft gums and tissues. They are held in place by the friction-free slide mechanism that allows for free movement. All this assures you of enhanced comfort during the treatment.

  • Less Adjustment Appointments

In addition to being less painful and getting the desired results in shorter time, Damon braces also take less time at the dental office during treatment. 

  • Might prevent teeth extractions

When getting traditional braces, the patient will often need to go through teeth extractions procedures for the treatment to be successful. With Damon braces, teeth extractions are rare and most patients get to keep all of their teeth.

Drawbacks of Damon Braces

  • Damon are more expensive 

Damon Braces vs. Ceramic Braces

The principle behind ceramic braces is identical to the principle of traditional metal braces. Therefore, all the benefits of Damon braces over the metal ones, such as treatment time, enhanced comfort and better oral hygiene also apply to ceramic braces. 

damon braces vs ceramic braces

In the past ceramic braces offered an esthetic advantage over Damon braces. But since clear Damon braces were introduced, this no longer apply. 

Do Damon Braces Stain?

One of the major drawbacks of ceramic braces is that those are easily stained. The part that stains so easily is actually the elastics. Damon braces, both the metal and the clear ones, do not use elastics. Therefore, Damon braces tend to stain much less than ceramic braces. 

food that stains braces

How are Damon Braces Put On?

Fitting of Damon braces takes about an hour. The procedure starts with teeth polishing and cleaning. Then teeth are painted with sealant to protect them from tooth decay. Once the teeth are ready the brackets are placed on the teeth. Ultraviolet light is used to harden the glue that is used to keep the brackets on the teeth. Once the brackets are attached to the teeth the wire is passed through them. Very small clips are then used to safely secure these brackets with wires.

As pressure is exerted on your teeth during the procedure, you may feel mild tenderness for a few hours. This is normal as are the ulcers experienced by some patients on the inside of their lips or cheeks.

You have to bear with these temporary discomforts at the initial stages of treatment. After the process of fitting Damon braces is complete, it is important to have regular follow-up visits to the dentist. This is to make any small adjustment to the braces if necessary and to monitor if treatment is progressing well.

Damon Braces Adjustment Appointments

When wearing conventional braces you have to visit your orthodontist every six to eight weeks. With Damon braces, you can expect to get longer intervals between your appointments. It is enough to go for follow up visits once every ten weeks.

The appointments themselves are much less painful as no pressure is applied to the teeth. Adjusting the wires is just a matter of opening and closing a "door". It is believed that patients also experience much less discomfort after the adjustment appointments.

How Much Do Damon Braces Cost?

The cost of treatment with Damon braces will be affected by factors like your geographical location, the experience of your orthodontist, the severity of your dental case and more. You might expect the total cost of your treatment to be in the range of 3,800$ to 8,000$,

If you cannot afford a single payment for your Damon braces treatment, many orthodontists offer interest payment plans that spread over a period of time. Some offer payment options with monthly installments that are up to eighteen months. If on the other hand, you wish to make a full payment before starting the Damon braces treatment, dentists may offer a significant discount.

Damon Braces Treatment Time

Just like with traditional braces there is no specific time frame that ensures results. It is best to get an orthodontist's evaluation for each specific case. However, it is stated that Damon braces can cut down the time that would take to straighten the teeth with regular braces by 6 months or more. 

Damon Braces Wire Sizes

The treatment with Damon braces starts with a very thin, 0.014" wire made of nickel, copper and titanium alloy. That ensures that the wire is elastic enough to return to its original shape as the teeth move towards their ideal position. Later during the treatment, the wires are rapidly changed to thicker ones. 

Getting Damon Braces Off

Once your teeth are aligned to your satisfaction, it is time to remove the Damon braces. Damon brackets can be removed easily using a special tool. This procedure is usually very simple and takes about fifteen minutes. 

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  • Walter Longino says:

    For me damon braces clear is very beneficial. I recently finished my damon braces clear treatment in London and I got very good results. My orthodontist advised me avoid eating sticky or chewy foods because they have chances to damage the wires.

    • Daniel says:

      Hey Walter!

      I’m very glad that Damon braces fit you well. We don’t familiar with that dental clinic in London, but happy you’ve got good results there. It’s very convenient that they put a price list on their website so it may be a good starting point for somebody looking to compare dentist services. You are right, sticky or chewy foods can get caught between brackets and wires causing damage to the braces. You should avoid gums, Tootsie Rolls, gummy worms, bears, caramel, Starburst, Jolly ranchers, Laffy Taffy, Skittles and many others.

      Thank you!

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